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The following are contraindications that could require a doctor’s note, could prevent, or delay someone from having permanent makeup.


Prevent permanent makeup service

Type 1 Diabetes

Pace maker

Mitral valve prolapses

blood thinner 

Severely sun damaged skin


If you have had shingles on the face 

Pregnant or nursing 



Require physicians note

Type two Diabetes

Prophylactic Antibiotics



Electrolysis - 2 weeks before or after                          

Botox - 2 weeks before or after

Fillers - 2 weeks before or after

Lash serums - must wait 6 months

Chemotherapy - According to Doctor 

Sun tanned skin - once gone

Fish Oil, flax seed  - 1 month             

Chemical Peels, Accutane, Retin A, Renova - 1 month

Brow and lash tinting - 1 month

Aspirin and Ibuprofen - 1 week


May Require more than the usual 2 visits

Thyroid condition being treated with medication

Ruddy thick skin or oily skin


Consent and Waiver forms will be emailed as google docs to your email along with medical  form. 

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